I got an email today that everything in my favorite scrapbook store will be 45% off and evidently the store closing will be sooner than I thought. Of course I stopped by there on my way to pick up little boy even though I didn’t really need anything. The store was really starting to look like it was going out of business…made me really sad.

I bought a few things like paper and adhesives but I also picked up a couple of things to use on my peg board like a ribbon holder and some other peg board attachment that I haven’t found a use for. Since I’m re-organizing my craft room again these things are coming in handy. I only wish I had gotten in on the sale of other store fixtures. My room is really starting to come together and I’m trying not to get impatient. I want everything to match or go well together and I want to buy useful pieces to help organize my space. It will be helpful that I will finally be able to remove that queen size mattress from the room. I asked husband the other night about it and he is okay with either throwing it away or asking any family if they want it. He said it’s almost 20 years old so it is okay to get rid of it. Eventually I may get a daybed or twin size bed to go in either my craft room or the computer room.

Here is the scrapbook I won at the silent auction the scrapbook store put on. I was afraid I’d be outbid since the auction ended while I was out of town but thankfully I still won. I basically bought it so I could make one similar. I’d been admiring it and hoping they’d have another class on this one so I’m thankful to get it (even though I probably paid too much).



It’s hard to tell from the picture but each two-page layout represents a month and the overall theme is the memories you make each month.  I have a smaller Maya Road chip board album that I plan on using to make one similar.  Hopefully I can get my craft room the way I want it soon so my space will be a space that I can relax and scrapbook in……….I’m really needing the relaxation time right now.