Several years go, before the husband and the baby, I used to go to Happy Hour every Wednesday night by the poolside at this local hotel.  It was always a big deal and lots of folks went.  One Wednesday evening, after I had left I get this call from my friend Vicki.  She found this cat in the parking lot and asked if I’d take her.  Several days later I was able to talk my mom into taking her even after we found out this little black and white cat was pregnant.  Poor gal, roaming the parking lot of the happy hour place looking for a man to care for her babies…LOL.  Anyways, this is Ruby and she is a very sweet cat.  She had 6 kittens but one was stillborn.  She got in a kitty condo to have her kittens and there was not enough room so I think she had trouble delivering the first one.  We found a home for 3 of them (some a better home than others) and my mom kept two.  Opal and Pearl looked just like their momma and Opal was the one my mom kept along with Toonses who was black with white feet.  Somehow Opal disappeared and we don’t know what happened to her but she still has Toonses.  Harvey and Daisy were brown tabby and white.  Harvey and Pearl went to the same home and Daisy got adopted by a man who works in my building.  I know that cat got a good home because his young daughters even through a birthday party for Daisy when she turned one.

Ruby has trouble walking sometimes these days.  We are not sure if maybe she was hit or abused and caused a problem with her hip.  This problem could have also affected her when she had her kittens or the birth could have caused the problem.  Who knows.  Ruby is probably the most loving cat my mom has right now.  She always loves to be petted and is not even afraid of little boy when he comes to visit.   

So this friday’s featured cat is Ruby……..