Things are not really all the way back to normal. This week has been totally shot after being gone last week.  I’m happy to say if I have not already that little boy did fine without his mommy.  This was the first time I have left him for more than a night.  It probably hurt me more than him.  My husband said that that first day he stood looking out the glass front door saying “momma…are you?” (aka “momma, where are you?).  But then he was okay.  The cats and dogs were all safe and sound and my husband managed to keep them contained for the most part.  I do understand that my female kitten got out once through the garage that my husband forgot he left open when he let her in and my male kitten stayed out in the backyard two nights in a row even though he was the one who I’ve been so stressed over because he climbed over the fence.  My husband is just lucky that Bubba didn’t climb over again those nights.  I did order that CAT FENCE-IN tree guard so hopefully when that comes the kittens will be able to roam in the back yard again.  Needless to say my husband did not tell me of these cat escapes until I returned home.  He knows me well and I would have freaked!

Last sunday was spent doing laundry from my trip and cleaning my house.  It was a mess……there had been contractors in and out all week and not to mention the fact that while working in the master bathroom on the sheetrock, a cloud of dust engulfed our bedroom and my husband didn’t bother to change the sheets or bedspread.  Yucky!  Little boy was invited to a birthday party sunday afternoon so that got him and husband out from under my feet so I could clean.

Monday was back to work but most of my day was spent catching up on emails and doing my travel voucher….well watching someone else do it actually.  I did get a message on my phone that I had won the silent auction at my favorite scrapbook store that’s going out of business.  I was afraid I’d miss out on the album I bid on since I had been out of town but luckily I didn’t.  It’s really pretty and I plan on doing one similar when I get time.  Will post a picture later.

Tuesday was little boy’s two year old check up at the doctor’s and of course he did very well and the doctor said he was perfect (I knew that).  He’s 29 pounds and 37 inches tall I believe.  She said we should go ahead and get him started going to the dentist.  I forgot to ask her about potty training.  He got a shot and his appt was near nap time so I just brought him on home.  After his nap we just played.  Wednesday was my office picnic and although I had not planned on bringing little boy to the picnic (too hot and I’m too old to chase him around by myself) I did bring him to the office that morning.  He wasn’t too sure he wanted to go to my office and insisted (as a two year old would) that he wanted to go to Nana’s.  But once he got there he made himself right at home.  He ran around the 4th floor of my building like it was a race track…sticking his head into people’s offices and sometimes walking right in.  That wasn’t so bad at my end of the floor since our office was having picnic day and we were already pretty casual but when he RAN down to the Helicopter Office and starting looking in those offices…..I started getting pretty nervous.  It was also pretty funny how he growled/roared at the big boss……Little boy was definitely not shy.  After a couple of hours of me chasing him down…..I took him on to daycare.  I wanted to get him there before 10 am because that’s when they eat lunch.  Thankfully he didn’t cry when I dropped him off.  I think he was a little tired and the fact that his class was outside playing made it easier.

Today was another wasted day or at least I should say I got nothing done.  I had my professional organization chapter board meeting today which is the last one of the fiscal year.  Next month I’ll be in charge…LOL  I get sworn in next week.  After the meeting I came home because my brother in law called and he would be able to come work on the bathrooms this afternoon so I jumped at that chance.  I know my boss is getting tired of me taking off work for this but it has to be done.  Hopefully husband will be able to take off work when they start working on the kitchen portion…..

So hopefully, next week things will be at least closer to normal.  I’m sure we’ll still be having work done on the house and eating out every night but at least my calendar looks pretty good.