Last Thursday I was still in Orlando.  Since the conference didn’t last ALL day we were able to get tickets that afternoon late to go to SeaWorld.  I was really excited because I had never been there either.  The thought of seeing Shamu the whale was also exciting.  Since K2 and I didn’t have a car we were lucky that my boss thought he might like to go as well and he had a car.  Another man from our area who my boss knew also wanted to go.  It was a very pleasant evening and since we were there later it wasn’t as crowded.  So we get to SeaWorld and all go out our separate ways.

Sea World was great!  We watched two different Shamu shows and also the otter and sea lion show which was really funny because the sea lions did a parody of all the shows at Sea world.

It was also neat to see all the other animals.  We were especially happy to see the Budweiser Horses and find the Budweiser Brewmaster giving away beer samples…LOL

I almost enjoyed Sea World more than the Magic Kingdom only because it was not as crowded (maybe because we were there later in the week) and the weather was not as hot on Thursday.  As it got dark we got a call from the boss informing us that they were ready to go.  We had not yet made it to the Artic display but we said okay after one quick stop at the gift shop so I could get the stuffed Shamu I had talked myself into after I finished off my free beer….

Where shall we go eat?  We naturally K2 and I and even our boss had anticipated going to a nice restaurant that serves drinks so we headed out looking for International Drive.  That’s were a lot of neat restaurants were.  But we got turned around and a little lost.  Joe, my bosses’ buddy kept suggesting that there was a Ponderosa restaurant near the hotel.  We pretty much ignored that because who wants to eat there…not us.  Well we drove for awhile thinking we were headed towards the end of International where the fun places were but then ended up back near the hotel…….WE WERE HEADED THE WRONG WAY!.   By this time we were all tired and after Joe mentioning the Ponderosa again…where did we go?  the Ponderosa!  For those of you who have never been… go in order your steak at the register then go sit down.  The waiter brings your drink and then you go to this all you can eat, fried, tasteless food bar……………..yuck.  Then they bring you your steak…..very bland steak and a potato.  Since we got there late they were fairly close to closing.  We later laughed and talked about how we are such party animals…we closed down the Ponderosa.  My husband even laughed at me because we went to the Ponderosa while in Orlando!  I don’t know if this guy Joe just really loves the Ponderosa or he was trying to get a lot of food for very little money… was an experience for sure….