I have returned!

My trip to Orlando started out kind of rough since I have obviously not flown recently and was unaware that I am not allowed to bring my full size can of Paul Mitchell hair mousse on my carry-on…argh!  As I stood there listening to the lady tell me this I kept thinking to myself..”Oh crap, that’s a brand new can and that stuff ain’t cheap and they are going to make me throw it away!!!!”.  Thankfully I had arrived for my flight fairly early so I was allowed to go back and ask the ladies at the airline desk to let me put it back in my checked baggage or have them do it.  So I truck back to the desk and give them my mousse and my hair gel and get back in line.  My carry-on gets flagged AGAIN and this time a man went through my bag.  He pulled out my small size hair products and begins to tell me how I’m suppose to put these things in ziploc bags etc etc and all I could do is say….I’ve already been checked and she said these items are okay…..sigh…He let it go and said he was just telling me so I’d know next time….Okay…Off to Orlando!

The flight there was fairly uneventful.  We get there, the weather is beautiful and there is even a slight breeze which I understand is not very common.  We find our hotel and meet up with one of my fellow traveller’s sister who drove up from Tampa.  I forgot to mention I was travelling with my two friends named Kathy.  We call them K1 and K2 based on when my husband met them.  I work directly with K2 but I used to travel alot for work with K1 as we were going to lots of training way back when.  This was K1’s sister we met up with.

Sunday, after we all got checked into the Marriott World Center (biggest resort hotel I’ve ever seen) we headed out to do some shopping since it was too late in the afternoon to do much else.  The resort was not very close to anything so we had to drive a bit to get anywhere.  We stopped at one of the outlet malls down there and of course I did some shopping.  By the time we got done it was getting close to dinner.  We had reservations for the Pirates Dinner Theater Show but were told to arrive early for the pre-show and appetizers.  The show was great and the food was better than I expected.  I wasn’t too impressed with the appetizers and the layout of how to get them and I was disappointed in the gift shop.  But we had a good time.

Monday – Memorial Day so we decided it would probably too crowded to go to any parks so we shopped again at Downtown Disney then back to the hotel to lay out at the pool.  Very nice pool and again the weather was perfect.  (LOL it rained all week at home)

Tuesday – We started out early to get registered for our conference because yes I was down there on business.  I had unfortunately left my conference registration stuff at home and had to get in several lines to find the right one to replace my tickets.  K2 and I decided we would go to Disney World today.  K1 had the rental car and she didn’t want to go so we decided we’d get “After 4:00” tickets (which are cheaper) then we’d all go out shopping AGAIN and then K1 would drop us off and pick us up at Disney World Magic Kingdom.  We picked up another lady on out way out who didn’t have a car.  Well we got lost trying to find our way to Disney World even though it was supposedly two miles away.  Well I guess you could say we got lost leaving because we drove over there before hand to see where it was then got lost after we turned around at the gate…..K1 got all stressed and was wondered if she find her way by herself.  Then we realized we had a map all along………duh!

More on my FIRST Disney experience later.  It’s hard to believe at the age of 42 and having been to Orlando two other times I had never been to Disney World.  Originally, husband and I had talked about them coming on this trip as well but little boy is really too young and maybe in a few more years we’d go as a family.