I’m making every effort to chill out….it’s really hard for me since it’s easy to stress me out.  But I think I’m a little justified these days…..I realized again this morning that I’m easily excitable….At our office complex we have these big pond and several Canadian Geese come every year and have their babies.  Several times the geese decide to walk across the road that circles the complex and feast on the grass and bugs near the parking lot.  As I was pulling onto this circular road, a couple of adult geese and their babies were crossing the road so I stopped to let them pass.  They were going fairly fast but then a couple of the babies decided to pick on each other which slowed up the tail end of the little caravan.  I waited patiently but then this DAMN idiot driver decided he go around me and go between me and the geese so he could get onto the road and get to his office.  It of course scared the geese and a few that had gotten across ran back.  Needless to say I was livid and you don’t know how close I came to following that car and giving that A-Hole a piece of my mind.  I also almost emailed the big boss to ask him to remind the workers here that they should be mindful of the geese.

And yeah I’m a nature lover and there are those who would say the geese shouldn’t be in the road but geez people….chill out and be a little patient….

Okay yeah these are words I need to tell myself everyday…..CHILL OUT.

It’s really hard for me to though….okay yeah I can be patient and chill when it comes to the beautiful geese and their babies crossing the road but other things it’s a little harder on me.

I’m now just leaving work to let the contractors into my house each day.  I had to decide that it’s not going to get done any quicker if I leave the house unlocked because they ain’t going to come till late in the afternoon anyways….and okay I might not get paid everytime I take off but it’s not like I will go bankrupt (just won’t be able to buy as many shoes).  And it doesn’t do me any good to get mad and that’s also not going to get the work done any faster (think twice before hiring in-laws to do home repair/re-modeling)

I’m trying hard not to stress over the fact that my kitten Bubba has figured out a way to climb over my special cat fence.  I’m leaving him in the house all day and when contractors do come I just lock him and Dixie on the screen porch.  When I return from my trip next week I will order the special fence to put around trees so cats can’t climb up.  My husband doesn’t understand why I’m so upset about the fact that he’s getting out but I don’t care.

I’m trying not to worry over the fact that I’m leaving town for a week on business and my husband will be left with the responsibilities for the baby, the cats, the dogs, the projects going on at the house/contractors…….It’s not that he is not responsible but that’s a lot to deal with and I don’t want him to forget something (which he does when it is something he’s not use to dealing with..like making sure the pet door is locked etc)

I have not been a happy person lately because I’m stressing and worrying and getting all excited over things…

I can’t seem to change these things so why am I’m getting so upset……I will do what I can to prevent (like with the cat) but then I just need to accept it and CHILL…………..WISH ME LUCK!