While I was out at lunch I got a message on my cell phone from daycare…something about a problem with little boy at daycare.  I immediately call them back and it seems little boy bit that little girl again today.  This time for no apparent reason.  We don’t have the same daycare administrator so she doesn’t know about the problems we’ve had before…not just with little boy but with others in the class biting.  Little boy has been bit as well and marks were left so telling me this little girl has marks left from Friday’s bite didn’t mean anything to me.  She told me they put vinegar in his mouth and put him in time out. Time out is fine but I’m not sure about the vinegar.

I told her that we’ve had this problem before and that they just need to watch the children more closely since they know what usually brings it on (fighting over toys).  Today was the first day that both children moved up to the older class and maybe it was just too much for them.  I asked her what she expected me to do since he doesn’t do this at home and it just seems to be this one little girl he has a problem with. 

All she could tell me was that if it becomes a problem they’d have to do something else (possible suspension).  This would really suck and frankly I don’t need this stress.  He’s two years old……if they didn’t have so many children in one class maybe they could watch the children better.  I’m not saying little boy is an angel.  I’ve seen his temper but he doesn’t bit at home so I truly don’t know what to tell them.