I caught Bubba the cat walking across my cat-fence-in fence yesterday so he has been banned to the house again.  I’d been leaving them all outside since the contractors had been working at the house so he’s had lots of time to explore new ways to get out of the backyard I guess.  The big cats are fine and are too fat and lazy to even think about finding the weak spots in the fence but the kittens are another story…especially Bubba.  Will have to go to Lowe’s today and figure out someway to prevent him from getting up there again.

I just don’t want anything to happen to him which is why I worry so much.  I do love my kitties.  My husband is always joking about how I felt like I had to save these kittens from my sister which is why I got two of them.  He’s right though.  If I thought I could have gotten away with it I would have gotten all four kittens.  I found out yesterday that after 9 months my sister is giving the other two away to someone who wants a barn cat.  I can only pray that they get the cats fixed since my sister wasn’t financially able to.  My sister should know better than to let two un-neutered cats loose at a barn….but I doubt it.  So I guess I did save Bubba and Dixie or who knows what would have become of them.