If you are planning on doing some major home improvements…..think long and hard about it. I under-estimated the impact it would have on our daily lives and how violated I would feel to have someone in our home. I had said all along that no way would I give a key or leave the house unlocked. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. I realized right off that it does no good to take off work a week if you work and expect to get everything done. I probably lost money there. Having them come later in the evening doesn’t always work either because IT NEVER FAILS…they need a part that only the plumbing supply store has and they close at 5!

My contractor/brother-in-law told me Sunday (after I had to ask) that he’d be over to the house between 3 and 3:30. I took off work a little early so I could be home. Around 4:15 he drives up and I tell him I can’t keep taking off work to sit around waiting. I think he could tell I was a little pissed. Then he starts working then realizes he doesn’t have everything he needs for the tub and can’t get it till the next day. They’ve been working on our plumbing and bathrooms for over two weeks now.

I woke up in the middle of the night really upset and by the morning just lost it. I want this job done now and even though it makes me so uncomfortable to just let people have free range of my house I may have to suck it up. I told my husband that not only do I feel violated but these people who have tracked through here have no regard that this is someones home. It’s not real fancy or clean but it’s mine and I didn’t appreciate people tracking plumber’s grease and dirt all up my stairs in the hall and bedroom. I cried over that for a couple of days and just knew I’d have to have that replaced. Not to mention the plumber who used one of my towels that we used to soak up water to grease up his plumbing parts. That towel was totally ruined. It was caked with glue and grime….thankfully it wasn’t a towel that meant something to me like the Winnie the Pooh towel that was also down there but thankfully I grabbed it before he used it with the glue. It was coated with black crude but with the help of OxyClean I got that out.

And then there is the issue with my cats. I don’t leave the kittens out back all day unless I’m home and if I left the house unlocked I’d have to put them out. I’m not comfortable with that right now.

It’s just draining me emotionally. I stayed home today because I was up early this morning crying. I can’t shake the feeling of being uncomfortable but I’m trying. I may end up having to do that if I ever want this work completed……….

So don’t under-estimate how you’ll feel about workers in your home. The impact to your daily schedule, the impact of your personal belongings, the mess you’ll have to clean up, the invasion of your private space……………I sure under-estimated it!

I’m sure I’ll be happy with the results in the end but the road is long………….