With all this remodleing…no matter how slow it’s coming, I’ve been thinking about my scrapbook/guest room.  It’s not a happy place because it is so cluttered.  It looked fairly organized for awhile but the fact that it’s not one space but three (craft room/guest room/dressing room) has kept it pretty messy.  I did end up taking down the queen size bed but it’s still in the room just leaned against the wall….And all my scrapbook and craft stuff is out in full view and not as organized as I thought.  I have a lot of it as well as a lot of clothes which are also housed in this room.  The closet is packed and then there is the pile of folded clothes sitting on the antique dresser.

I need to make the space into ONE space…..either a bedroom or a craft room AND get some cabinets to hide the bulk of my crafting suppies.  I’ve been thinking about those white pantry cabinets but they are so heavy and a pain to assembly for someone who doesn’t like to follow instructions.  I may just have to go ahead and get one anyways.  I can’t really put my mattress in the garage yet since it houses the new appliances and bath fixtures awaiting installation but maybe if I start with the cabinets I can eventually move the bedroom stuff out.  Heck I never have guests anyways!

I just have not felt comfortable in that room in a while and hopefully in time I can get crafty again.

I actually am not feeling comfortable in the whole house due to this remodel.  I was afraid I was going to have to get new carpet which was unplanned and un-budgetted due to the mess the plumbers have left but thankfully the stains are coming up and hopefully we won’t have to replace the carpet.  You would think they would be more careful but oh well……Soon Soon I will have new bathrooms and a new kitchen….and it will all be better….:-)