With a banquet in three weeks and a class reunion in Oct…..I thought it was time.  Should have probably started sooner but I am an emotional eater…..wouldn’t have worked.

Today is my first real day on the South Beach Diet.  It will be a challenge especially since my kitchen is all torn up from the remodeling and who knows when that will be complete and the fact that I have a two year old and a husband who like snacks…..But I have to be strong.  I’m writing this to remind me to be strong and THINK about what I put in my mouth.

For breakfast I had a frozen omelet with sasuage and cheese which was actually pretty good.  It probably filled me up but later in the morning I had a boiled egg (it was pre-packaged and actually didn’t taste THAT good).  Not sure what’s for lunch yet since I didn’t get time to plan out my daily foods but I will keep this diet on my mind all day I hope.  I know I did while I was grocery shopping for sure.  I just have to take time to prepare things to bring to work to eat.

Wish me luck!!!!!!