Today was my first day back at work.  I took off last week (without pay) because my contractor/brother-in-law said they would dedicate last week to working on my home projects.  He came over Friday the 25th of April and removed the window and made a hole for the new back door and was to come back that Monday to start on the other things.  Monday…around 10 he came over with a helper and they tore out the master bath completely and then ripped out the ceiling in the kitchen to expose the pipes.  He came back the next day and did a little sheet-rocking and then brought over a plumber to look at the pipes.  Originally he said he and his partner could replace all the pipes in the house but now all of a sudden they are covered up and he was trying to find a plumber.  This particular plumber was asking too much so he talked about it with another one who also asked too much so then the next day he said they would just do it.  Then came back with another set of plumbers who usually do commercial plumbing and if he bought the materials they could come in with the price he wanted so okay.

The next day the plumbers showed up after lunch and dug a big trench in the front yard and replaced that pipe so we’d get better water pressure (a big issue for us).  They worked hard all afternoon and finally left around 7:30.  That evening I was on my way to my mom’s house with little boy to spend the night since me, my mom and little boy were headed to Texas/Arkansas to see my relatives.  I felt so un-organized and felt like I didn’t get everything and left my house not feeling good about the whole situation.  My husband really couldn’t get off work but had to anyways because the plumbers said they’d be back at 8 the next morning (this was Friday).


So Friday, with storms on the way, we decided to take the southern route which goes through Birmingham and Shreveport.  It’s longer but there were some bad storms headed for Arkansas.  Unfortunately, we got caught up in a three hour traffic delay due to a bad wreck on the interstate where a truck driver hit a bridge and his truck burned to the ground.  If we had not asked someone finally we would have been there longer.  No telling how much some people were delayed.  Luckily someone told us how to get around and back to the interstate.  Even with the delay I was glad we took that route because my brother later told us the storms went right over where we’d be on the northern route and some cars even got blown off the road.  I thanked God we made it there okay…it was 9:30 at night but we got there and little boy did great (partly thanks to my brothers portable DVD player).


Back at the house my husband was dealing with a whole nother set of issues.  Evidently there had been a leak under the house after the guys turned the water back on.  They worked all day Friday till late AND came back Saturday and Sunday and worked late.  There had been another leak later on which ran water into my kitchen.  Luckily it was caught early.  With all that work they are still not done.


I get a call from my husband around 3pm on Monday as I’m driving through Iuka, MS asking me where the mop was………I asked was there another leak and he said we’d talk about it later…then I lost the signal!!!!!  You can imagine the scenarios that ran through my mind.  Was it the plumbing, was it my animals??????


I get home around 6 and counted all the critters and looked around and didn’t see anything too unusual.  Thankfully he was just trying to clean up after the leak in the kitchen.  All animals were fine but the plumbing wasn’t done and nothing else had been done with the house.  He did admit to two incidents were Bubba got out once and then Bubba, Dixie and Ernie all were left in the garage when he opened the door.  All were caught and were fine….well until I was hauling my luggage in when I got home and Dixie ran out front.  I had trouble catching her and the fact that little boy went running and laughing after her didn’t help (He missed his “Ixie”).  I finally caught her thankfully and today both kittens had to remain in the house even though it’s a beautiful day.


My husband had stayed home Monday because he thought he’d hear from the plumbers but never did.  Supposedly, the plumber is part of a father/son company and the father was on vacation.  He told him he could accept this job but had to be done by Sunday because they had other jobs……..well they aren’t done yet so hopefully we’ll hear from him today.  He hasn’t been paid so we figure they’ll come back and finish…just not on my timeline.


I was so tired….not only from that trip but from that long week, seeing that torn apart house and just overall stress I have been feeling these days…………..