I got some bad news today when I called my Mom. It seems they had to take Mr. Scruffy aka as Scrappy Cat back to the vet. I wrote about him earlier. When they first took him in the vet bearly looked at him and said he had allergies, gave him a shot and some revolution. Since then Mr. Scruffy decided these people must be nice and started staying around full time and even sneaked into the cat room and took up residence. At first he seemed to be better but then developed a fever and just didn’t act like he felt good. The bad skin rashes were not healing up either. My mom went back and forth and had decided if he’s going to come into the house/cat room he needs to get shots and fixed. She didn’t want to spend the money since she’d just adopted a kitten that she found under her porch but then she felt so sorry for Scruffy…..she went ahead and took him back.

Monday she called the vet to make sure her favorite vet, Dr. Kay was there. She didn’t trust the other vet and he’s been wrong before. Dr. Kay seems more caring and is really good with cats. Before they did anything they tested him for Feline Leukemia and it came out positive. Poor little guy didn’t just have the virus, he had full-on case of the Leukemia. My mom was really upset but she knew there was nothing else she could do for poor Mr. Scruffy. I cried myself when she told me she couldn’t stay in there while they put him to sleep but she was thankfully Dr. Kay seemed to comfort him.
It makes me so sad that this kitty found him someone to help him but then there wasn’t a chance for him. Once they get the Leukemia that’s pretty much it and why he couldn’t get better.   We can only hope that my mom’s cats didn’t catch it from him.  He’d really made himself at home and she would sometimes go downstairs and find him curled up with a couple of her cats on this big pillow down there in their room.  He got along really well with the others and was a really good cat.  Rest in Peace Mr. Scruffy.  You were put to rest near other kitties and dogs that we’ve loved.