This is TJ.  Also know as Scrappy Appleton.  He’s a stray who came up to my mom’s.  She felt so sorry for him and she couldn’t stand seeing him like this.  She was afraid he had the mange so she and my brother put out the live trap and caught him to take him to the vet last week to see if they could help him.

Luckily it was not the mange but allergies and the vet treated him with Revolution and an allergy shot.  My mom said he was really calm at the vet’s office and then afterwards decided he wanted to come into her house (sneaked in through the cat door downstairs).  She will probably continue to feed him outside and we only hope he doesn’t have anything really bad wrong.  I assume she has blocked him from coming inside now.  She only had him treated for the allergies but she may end up catching him again.  He looks like he could be a very pretty cat.

Not sure why they were calling him Scrappy Appleton…..may be he was confronting one of the other cats….who knows.