Can you tell what I have on my mind these days?  I am desperately needing a new look/hair cut.  I tried to get a new look a couple of months or so ago with no luck……whatever she did only reverted me back to how I always do my hair.  I don’t have time to spend on it in the mornings and I TOLD HER THAT so why does she cut it where it has to be coaxed in to doing something!!!!!!

 I’m close to going shorter.  Right now it is about chin length and the same length all the way around and is a dark blonde.  I’m going blonder and shorter I think.

My appt is this thursday at 3:00 pm.  Hopefully I can decide on something and she can work her magic by 5 because I have to pick up little boy from daycare.

Maybe this time I won’t be ashamed to post a picture of it.