I’m having a slight meltdown.  To some people it’s over something stupid but to me it’s pretty serious.  When I got home from shopping this afternoon husband and little boy were gone.  As I unloaded my groceries I saw out of the corner of my eyes…..Bubba under the front hedges!  I was totally blown away by that.  He acted liked he’d follow me to the front door, my arms filled with sacks, my walking cast slowing me down….but then he ran past to the other side of the house.  I tried not to panic and set my sacks inside the door and called him.

Thank goodness he came to me…cat talking the whole while.  I then freaked again thinking maybe husand had left the back gate open and the other cats had gotten out as well.  Thankfully the gate was closed.

So now to figure out how he got out.  I have that cat fence-in around most of the back yard.  None of my adult cats have ever gotten out.  The only portion without the fence-in netting is on the side where the fence is turned the opposite direction and there is nothing to grab onto to climb (straight planks).  There are the trees that are right next to the fence which have had me worried and had me keeping the kittens from staying out during the day while we were at work.  Also, around the gate area sometimes we forget to attach the netting back when we open the gate.  These are all possibilities.  I also found a hole at the back fence that whether or not Bubba got through that (it was big enough if he tried hard enough) it needed to be covered so that other creatures couldn’t get in (of the wild kind)

So who knows how my precious Bubba got out and no telling how long he’d been out.  I asked my husband when he got home whether he’d had the garage door open or the back gate.  I was hoping he’d say yes which would have explained alot but he had not.

Hopefully it won’t happen again but now with me and little boy going out of town soon then me going out of town for work in about a month….I’m really worried.  My husband doesn’t worry over the cats like I do.  Maybe I do it too much but I love those kitties.

I guess tomorrow they’ll be staying in the house till I figure something out……oh well.