Nothing much to report.  I went to the foot doctor today and talked him into putting me in a walking cast instead of a regular cast so at least I can scratch and bathe….LOL  I go back in 3 weeks but he said to listen to my body and if it starts to hurt…come back immediately and he’ll put me in a regular cast.  I couldn’t walk on crutches to save my life and it was really hard chasing after little boy with a cast so hopefully this one will be easier.

We had a reunion planning meeting last night and I was able to hold my temper about the fact that the supposed chairperson of this committee went into the Reunion website and added tons of people who we are not even sure graduated with us.  She looked in our junior year yearbook and got the names…..okay I know maybe a few people might not have actually “walked” with us at graduation and a few people might not have gotten their picture in the yearbook but still  graduated with us but not over 100 people…..Now we have 250 people missing.

Since this is a multi-year reunion and got put in charge of our graduation year I may not even look for those I know didn’t graduate.

The chairperson FINALLY decided to run our meetings like a meeting.  I was getting tired of meeting week after week and nothing being decided on or done so finally I sent a nice little email with some meeting suggestions.  We actually settled on a price, set some deadlines, decided on a photographer and DJ……see what happens when you hold a proper meeting.  She may think I was being anal but who cares….we got some things done.  I would have hated to use my bad foot to kick some hiney. 🙂