Yes I’ve whined all week but I took friday off to “STAY OFF” my feet.  Do you think I stayed off my feet the whole day…  My husband is TRYING to do a good job of taking care of everything but frankly it’s not particularly to my standards or time schedule.  He’ll do some things….but when he’s ready. He did vacuum the house today but we’ll see if the kitchen ever gets mopped unles I ask him to.

To wrap up the week, I’m glad it’s over and now I only have 5 days till this cast comes off.  Of course they’ll just turn around and put a new one on but maybe I can talk him into a walking cast since I’m having such a time with the crutches.  We’ll see.

Thursday I hobbled over to another building at work so I could find out if I’m going to be president next year of the professional organization/club I belong to and I’m happy to say…yep!  On that note the National headquarters of that organization always holds training events each year and my boss approved me and another lady in the office to go.  I was a little hateful to her last week.  Maybe hateful wasn’t the word but I made a comment to someone about how I was worried that she and another lady would not attend all the classes or events I felt I needed to.  I did tell my friend this concern and I think we are at an understanding on this.  Sure we are down there for training…but we want some time to have fun to and I think we will.  I was mostly afraid I’d have no one to have fun with when I was ready to…..Did I mention the conference is in Orlando!?  When we first heard it was going to be there, husband and I had talked about he and little boy coming too but now we are thinking he’s really too young right now and that maybe in a couple of years we’d just take a trip ourselves.  I think husband really wants to go but we can’t just leave that little boy.  I’m already having pangs thinking about just me leaving him.  I’ve been to Orlando a couple of times for work but never went to any of the parks.  I’m going to this time though! 

I’m going to have to forego one of the scrapbook retreats to go to Orlando.  Thankfully they’d scheduled two this year and I had already said I’d go to the August one.  They weren’t sure about the May one until recently anyways.  I sure don’t want to miss that since I’ve really been looking forward to that.

We are also planning a trip to my grandmother’s house in Arkansas here in the next few weeks but that will all depend on whether we hear something about the kitchen cabinets.  Hopefully that job will start soon…..I keep hoping anyways.  Bad thing is… know I’ll want to clean real good before having contractors in my home and with this foot I will be limited!  ARGH!