Well I haven’t cut the thing off myself yet.  I absolutely hate being in a cast and the novelty has definitely worn off.  It itches and sweats and I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to cut the thing off.  Although I’ve been told not to by friends and co-workers, I have been sticking a ruler down there to scratch the itches.  We tried a coat hanger but it just didn’t get it plus I read somewhere not to use a hanger because you might cut yourself and it get infected down in your cast.  The sweat is killing me too.  I finally discovered I could pour some gold bond powder down there and it is helping with the sweat and the itching.  I don’t think you are suppose to do that either but if I don’t…that mother is coming off or someone will get hurt…LOL.

I can’t walk using crutches…………it wears me out.  I’m trying to be on them more and more each but it is so hard to get around especially short trips.  I was able to get a temporary parking pass at work so at least I’m closer and don’t have to hobble very far.  They were laughing at me at work awhile ago because I asked a lady in the office to push me in my chair to the restroom…..I didn’t see anything wrong with that if she was willing but they were speechless when they heard…hey it got me there quick and it’s a long trek to the restroom.

Staying here for lunch has also been torture but I guess I can still get out every once in awhile since I’m parked closer.  I ordered several Supper Supers to help with dinner time and those husband or I can just throw in the oven without me standing for long periods cooking dinner.

I go back to the doctor next week…5 more days…..at least this thing will come off for a little while until he puts another on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!