Despite the weather being very windy and fairly chilly today, little boy’s birthday party at the park was a success.  It took him a little while to fully get into the party since he’s just awakened from his nap when the party started but after awhile he started to really have a good time.  Especially when he and his Daddy started to play on the awesome playground equipment they have at this park.  I found it especially funny how he bossed my husband and his uncle Marty around to make sure they slid down the 3-way slide with him.  He insisted they both slide down with/beside him.  It was a pretty funny sight…two grown men and this little boy all sliding side by side.

It was really windy and I couldn’t really decorate like I had planned to.  Heck I could not even get the tablecovers to stay on.  I brought scotch tape but didn’t think to bring any other kind of tape and by the time I realized this and tried to call the house, husband and little boy were already on their way.  The park is about two  or three blocks from our house.

My mother-in-law was the first to arrive.  It seems no one in my husband’s family ever arrives at the designated time which had me worried at first but finally most everybody showed up.  The younger brother and his family were suppose to come but didn’t show and neither did the twins that my mother-in-law keeps during the week but besides that we had  about 9 kids and 7 adults.

Little boy got lots of nice gifts…most had wheels which tickled little boy.  He of course wanted to open the gifts…and I mean take out of container once unwrapped.  He was ready to play.

We thought he’d be very tired when we got home and ready for bed early…..but that little bugger stayed up till 9 pm!

I was on my feet too much today and am paying for it.  Starting tomorrow I will try and use my crutches for most of the time.  There are 10 more days until my next appt with the foot doctor.  This whole broke foot experience has really made me ill and I hope I can last 10 more days….only to be re-casted but still it will come off.