Yesterday I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when my foot suddenly started to feel crammed into my shoe and hurting so I took off my shoe.  It gradually started to hurt worse and I had trouble walking on it.  I thought “oh great I’ve broken a toe”.  The day went on and I stayed at my desk, trying not to dwell over it.  I emailed my husband and asked if he’d pick little boy up from daycare and he said he would.   I called my foot doctor and couldn’t get in to see him until the next day so I make an appt.  As I left the office (with one shoe off and one shoe on) I slowly made it to my car by walking on one side of that foot because I couldn’t put any pressure on the whole foot.

I don’t stay off of it as much as I should so it hurts up until bed time.  It’s hard chasing after a little boy with a hurt foot….LOL.

Today I wake up and I can at least put weight on it.  It’s still sore and I go back and forth about whether to keep the appt but ultimately decide I should go ahead since I may have hurt something.  My appt was at 9:30.

One hour and $300 later………………….


The toe wasn’t broken but I have a stress fracture on my left foot. He said it is an early break but would keep getting worse. He said if I wanted him to he could send me for a bone scan but after an xray and an ultra sound he was sure it was a fracture. Two weeks in this bright pink lovely then back again to get another cast for another two weeks then I’ll get a walking cast.

All this one day before little boy’s birthday and three days before his party….which I don’t have everything for yet!!!!! Thankfully I’m only lacking the cake, balloons and snack foods and those are things I can send husband for I think.
Another kicker is I’ve never walked on crutches and cheapo that I am went to a pharmacy and got some crutches that were $26 and they ended up being youth crutches and I didn’t notice until I opened them up… I can’t get around or even practice. I have to go out later and get some shower booties since the cast can’t get wet so maybe I’ll look at that pharmacy. That’s probably why these were so cheap was because they were for children! Dummy…should have read on them but I was still in shock from the appt and had just hobbled several feet and was tired 🙂

Poor me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!