I remember when little boy was just learning to talk and how excited I was when he started to say “momma”.  That just melted my heart…even though I think he said “dada” more at that time. I still relished the little words…He was so sweet.

These days little boy says a lot of things…not all are understandable but he knows several words and talks alot.  He now says “momma” ALOT more than he says “dada”……..

I think he said “momma” about 1000 times this past weekend.  “Momma…..Momma……MOMMA!!!!!!  LOL  He especially got loud if I wasn’t looking at what he was showing me……it sorta cracked me up and I would sometimes purposely not look and would start to laugh.

Little Boy, you need to start saying “dada” more again!   LOL…Momma’s going crazy!  LOL