I got up early this morning and headed for Walmart to buy little boy a Little Tikes Tree House climber with swing.  We’d looked at several different climbers but decided on this one.  I’m not a big fan of big plastic toys in my yard but we have a privacy fence and I knew this would be something little boy would love.

We didn’t bring it around back until boy was napping.  Not to surprise him or anything it was just that we were doing other yard work.  Husband got it about half way put together when the drill died and needed to be charged. It was around this time that little boy woke up and came outside to see his new climber.  It was put together enough for him to climb on and try out the ladder and the little steering wheel atop the tree house.  The slide wasn’t up yet but when he saw it he insisted on it going up too…even though husband was having trouble attaching it.

Little boy played on the treehouse and slide for a good long time…..then he saw one of the cats playing on the empty boxes..then the boxes became his new new as well.


It sure might have saved me some money to have just brought home a big box…LOL.

Seriously though, I think little boy will really enjoy his new climber once my husband finishes putting it all together. I could tell by the smile on his face and the fact that as soon as he saw it he said “MINE”…..the boxes will eventually head for the curb but the ugly plastic plaything is here to stay.