Here I’ve been going back and forth about what kind of Little Tikes climber to buy little boy so he can have something to play with in the backyard and now I’ve realized all he needs is a box.

We sat out there in the back yard for the longest time this evening playing in the empty box the fertilizer spreader came in.  It wasn’t a very big box and was just right for a little guy to sit in, lay in, hide in or walk around with it on his head where he couldn’t see where he was going and would fall down.

His favorite thing to do (besides the walking around with it on his head) was for me to put it on my head as I’m sitting on the grass and then he sticks his head inside.  Little Boy just laughed and laughed.

I wish I had had my camera but this box play was unexpected.  I had actually saved the box so I could load some of kitchenware in it during the remodel but I see it now has a different purpose.

So I guess little boy can be occupied for a little longer while I decide on a climber…as long as I find him some more boxes.