I tend to stress over things.  No surprise there…I’m anal and excitable and when things don’t go my way or a big decision has to be made I stress.  Right now I have a lot going on but most of it is a hurry up and wait kind of thing.  Example one…the class reunion.  I’ve been checking the website daily for new updates (I’m the webmaster and I need people to register and put in their information.  I just sent out the first batch of save the date postcards and am really stressed no one has logged on to update their info.  Of course this has me worried!  And I can’t get in touch with the Events Coordinator to firm up a time and day to come look at the facility again with the committee…this has me worried.  They are counting on me to get this place and if it falls through I’m screwed. 

Also, I’ve changed my mind about my countertops.  At first I had said I wanted Corian and had a darker color picked out but after reading some things on Corian I decided I’d rather have granite since I liked the shiney look.  I called my contractor today and the countertop guy is on vacation until the 20th (no wonder I can’t get my kitchen any faster) and he doesn’t do granite and the designer has already given him my deposit (which I’m sure he’s spending on some beach somewhere).  She said not to worry that he has a granite fabricator and everything should be okay….now I just got to find another color.  She suggested a color and I’m going to go to Lowe’s and look at it in person to see if I like it……more stress and decisions.

 Not to mention, little boy’s birthday is coming up AND the decision on what playset to buy him.  I guess all this wouldn’t be so stressful if I was sleeping good and didn’t have these sinus problems but oh well that’s life…..I’m going to bed. 🙂