In an attempt to get a better nights sleep and get into a routine around my house I took little boy to his crib at 8:30pm (Was originally shooting for 8 but oh well), put him in it and told him night night then sat in the floor as he moaned and whined until he finally laid down and went to sleep.  I had read about this method online.  I knew he was probably tired but doesn’t always volunteer to go to bed.

I heard him moan briefly in the middle of the night but then fell back to sleep.  I was very thankful for that because I didn’t want a repeat of the night before.  He did end up waking himself up around 4:30am because he started coughing.  Against my original “Plan”, I did end up getting up and bringing him to bed with us and he fell right back to sleep.  Well at least it wasn’t 1:30am and he slept bad after that like the other night……when that happened none of us got any sleep and I actually had to leave work early and go take a nap.  I was a zombie yesterday.

Little boy was still snoozing when husband was ready for work and trying to leave so I think we’ll try for an even earlier bed time tonight.  And I’ll TRY not to go get him if he whines.  We’ll all sleep better for it I’m sure.