My mom has added a new addition to her household but I’ll have to post a picture later.  They’d been seeing a little furry cat on and under her deck for a few weeks now.  My brother caught it once but it was really nervous.  They couldn’t get close enough to tell much about it and let it go. My mom would see it more and more and realized it must have been living under the deck.  So she put the cat cage on the porch to let it get used to it and after catching one of her own cats and another stray she caught it. 

It’s the most beautiful kitten and has long black hair with white on its chin, belly and feet.  Looks just like my first ever cat Tippy. It’s not nearly as wild as they thought and my mom had been keeping it in a cage in the room with the other cats.  The presence of the other cats seemed to calm it.

My brother took it to the vet today and they found out it’s a girl and they named it Josie.  She is still at the vet getting fixed and they should be able to bring her home tomorrow.

My mom said she’d been hoping her cat popular would not increase but who can resist a pretty long haired kitten?