Okay all you folks up north…don’t laugh…but here was our big snow of the season……I don’t even think we got 1/2 inch. Of course I guess it’s better than none this year like I thought we’d get. Let’s just say I was very disappointed when I woke up this morning. Some of our neighbors to the west got more than this. Thankfully though there are no road problems etc.


Dixie and Bubba did not know what to think of their first snow. By the time we got outside this morning most of it had melted though. It was a little cold to their feet.


Little boy did not get to see the snow at all because he’s either sick or teething…we can’t tell. He had a fever last night and woke up this morning very whiney and clingy. We’ve spent all day up and down with him. One minute he is fine and the next he cannot be consoled.

It was a good day to stay inside anyways.