It’s 74 degrees outside and I’m sitting in the house doing some laundry and scrapbooking… silly of me.  I know I should be outside doing something but I was outside doing SOMETHING all weekend….and I’m tired….I’m literally aching..  We had some very mild weather this weekend and husband, little boy and I decided to be outside and do some yard work.  We are trying to get some grass in the back yard instead of weeds so after reading a book on how to get grass to grow, husband decides he has to rake up all the leaves in the backyard (something that should have been done this past fall).  So far he has counted 38 bags of leaves raked up so far.  I asked him couldn’t he think of a more “Green” way to dispose of those leaves but he said no.  If this had been done in the fall, we could have put all the leaves at the curb and the city would have come by and sucked them up and made mulch out of them……but no…it’s almost spring and they expect everyone to have already done this.

Little boy enjoyed being outside all weekend.  He hardly took a nap all weekend and was out like a light pretty early each evening.  I myself tried to rake some but most of my time was spent moving bulbs and plants from my flower garden to my new flower garden.  Lots of bending and moving and now I’m paying for it.

Since I worked friday and that’s my usual day off..I got to be off today.  I told myself to just relax and scrapbook since I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.  My scrapbooking days are few and far between and when I can I squeash them in on laundry day or cleaning day.  I did get alot done.  Not only did I do a couple of pages but I started on an ABC scrapbook for a baby boy.  I’ll try and sell it but if not I can always use.  So many projects I want to do…so little time.

I also managed to work on my High School Reunion website and added some more pictures to the slideshow I added.  I wish people would send me some pictures to add.  Judging by the class slideshow…I must have been the most popular girl in school….LOL. I’m in several pictures!!!!  I’ve been going to bed each night thinking about the reunion planning.  I guess I needed something to take my mind off my home improvement projects that are still 4 weeks out.  My brother and mother stopped by this morning to take a look at my back porch.  My brother is going to replace the steps and wanted to see how big a job it was going to be.  Replacing the steps is part of our ongoing “backyard” improvement as well…..We’re really busy folks…LOL.