After one week of little boy waking up at 4 in the morning moaning and us having to get him and bring him to bed with us before he’d go back to sleep……………..he actually slept till 6:45 AND was in a good mood.  He had soaked his diaper but at least that didn’t wake him up.

Now I’m not going to say that the fact that I taped his door so the kittens couldn’t open it up and go in his room had anything to do with the not waking up early…………Husband told me yesterday he wanted me to lock the kittens in the garage because he thought that was the problem (even though the kittens didn’t go in there every night he moaned).  I didn’t want to lock them out so I just put a piece of packing tape on the door (which doesn’t close all the way and is easily pushed open).  The kittens didn’t bother little boy this morning but I sure wasn’t able to sleep any later than 6.

The only bad thing about this morning is that I had to go to work.  Today is usually my off day but there was a meeting this morning I needed to go to so I’m going to be off Monday instead.  Fridays are always quiet for the most part anyways.

And as I left for the office this morning, little boy was sitting on our bed with his cup of milk and a pop tart and he was watching Curious George on Public TV…….he said to me “Momma” and then waved goodbye and smiled.