My family has had it’s ups and down when it comes to pets lately.  First Babs went blind (thankfully it’s only one eye now), Muffy died unexpectedly and now my mom tells me that my sister had to have her dog put to sleep last week.  Skiddle started out my sister’s dog then Skiddle ended up at my mom’s for several years until my sister decided she wanted her back.  Skiddle had been through a lot when she moved back with my sister.  She lost a lot of hair from either nerves or allergies and then finally got better with that then started getting these cysts that would pop up, burst then go away.  Finally she got a huge one on her leg that was so bad she could bearly walk.  The vet couldn’t really tell them what was wrong without doing lots of expensive tests but they suspected cancer. 

I’m hoping that is it for pet drama in our lives for awhile.  I can’t take too much more.  I have enough stress right now.  I say this and just last night Little Kitten had an episode we can’t explain.  He’s fine now and was fine 2 seconds later but evidently he suddenly acted weird (I didn’t see the whole thing) and almost acted like he couldn’t walk.  When I saw him moments later he acted like his back leg was broke or of no use or had something stuck on it.  I asked my husband to put him on the porch and I’d take a look (I had something on the stove).  When I went out there like a minute later he was just squatted down then he started paddy pawing as I petted him and seemed fine.  Later I’d even seen him running in the back yard so I’m not sure what happened…did he have a seizure, a small stroke, a stiff leg?  Who knows but I guess I’ll have to watch him closely.

Like I said I hope we don’t have any more pet drama for awhile…..a pray they come in three’s only!