After burning up with fever and falling asleep early the night before, little boy went to daycare friday morning and seemed okay.  I had actually resigned myself to staying home with him all day but he seemed fine and was ready to go when his Daddy was leaving.  Had an absolute fit when he didn’t get to go with Daddy so I went ahead and took him to daycare.  I told the teacher to call if he acted like he didn’t feel good.   By lunch his teacher called and said he didn’t feel good and may be running a fever.  Luckily I had run all the errands that were harder to run with a toddler in tow (cat to vet, tax place) and I was actually at Target trying to get my sun glasses fixed when I got the call.  So I head to daycare to pick up little boy and his teacher said he was really fussy.  So I get boy, run to my fav mexican food drive-thru and head home.

It was close to nap time so after a little cuddling and sharing of my cheese dip I put little boy down for a nap.  When he woke up he was a little fussy but not too bad.  He never really felt hot again and didn’t have much of a runny nose so I wasn’t really sure what was going on.  That night he cried several times during the night…. to the point where my husband got up and got him and brought him to bed with us.

The more I thought about it and after talking to my mom we are thinking that MAYBE little boy was actually cutting his molars.  I had read that they get them around 2 years of age and little boy will be 2 in March.  He really got no other symptoms but fever, fussiness and trouble sleeping.

I was so afraid it was the flu and am thankful it didn’t turn into anything worse than it was. 

Today little boy was fine.  We played in the back yard along with doing some yard work….just a pretty casual day.