This is Muffy and she is one of the Junk yard dogs at my mom’s.  We called them junk yard dogs because she and her sister always fought each other.  They sound ferocious but were only that way to each other.   I got an email today from my mom that my brother found her dead this morning.  They have no idea what was wrong other than she’d been a little draggy the past couple of days.  Muffy was the sister of Babs who I talked about a couple of weeks ago…the one who Muffy fought with and Babs became blind (she is only blind in one eye now thankfully).

Poor Muffy.  She was a mean looking dog but a really sweet dog (to everyone but her sister even though she loved her sister).  We always thought Muffy and Babs were part Sharpei and part pit bull.  Muffy was so pretty with her golden fur.  I’m still in shock that she died so suddenly….and for a week or so there I thought Babs was about to die….

This is a picture of Muffy doing her favorite thing.  There was a hole near the fence and she would waller around like a pig in the water and mud.  It was the funniest sight.  Especially when she’d blow bubbles.

We’ll miss you Muffy…:-(

Here are the junk yards the day I brought them home. A co-worker found them on their steps and were about to take them to the dog pound.