I took a mental health day today because frankly I’m tired.  We worked really hard this weekend cleaning and working to clean up the backyard and I still felt like I had a ton to do.  Our back yard is a mess and we really want to see it look really nice this summer since we’ll probably be out there alot now that little boy is older and LOVES to be outside.  What’s great now is he’s also old enough to be out there playing while we are working back there.  So yesterday my husband raked leaves and dug up weeds as he prepares the ground for new seed as I chopped down limbs at the back of the yard.  I decides to move me herb/flower garden to the back corner since my current area is getting out of hand.  The back corner is under the pine trees and there are less weeds.  The shrubs at the back are in bad need to shaping so after a staked off where my garden will be I started on them shrubs too.  I got alot done before little boy decided he’d played enough in the backyard and was ready to come in for a snack, a drink and to watch the BARNEY COME TO MY HOUSE DVD for the 101th time.

So needless to say I’m hurting today….not the best time to take a mental health day but then again it should be.  I cannot always truly relax when I take off work like this.  I actually made a list of the things I’d like to accomplish today….Mental Health Days are for Relaxing!!!!!  But I did feel like I didn’t get some things done that I wanted to so perfect opportunity…of course it’s not like I’m also off work friday and next monday is a federal holiday…..I’ll relax those days.

I’m actually taking a break from my list.  So far I’ve finished our taxes, vacuumed the den and mopped the hardwoods and am currently working on laundry and trying to continue to remove wallpaper from the hall bath.  I had planned on taking Dixie to get her stitches out but can’t decide if I’ll wait on that till a little later in the week.  Scrapbooking was on my list too…..may or may not get to do that.

During my “list” break I have also been looking online for pictures of kitchen cabinets, landscaping ideas and also wall techniques.  First off since I’m having an absolute terrible time removing the backing from the wallpaper I thought about finding a technique were I can paint over the wallpaper….like plaster or something. Will go to Home Depot or Lowes and look into that.  I’m still going back and forth about what color to do my kitchen cabinets.  We are still about 4 weeks from the actual work so I have time.  I went friday and looked at the design they had and still may change that up some.  Sometimes I want dark and sometimes I want more of an in-between tone…..I liked the spice color but I can’t find what it looks like on maple to know for sure…..

Oh well…so much to do….my mind and body should probably truly take a break……so enough for now….