One of the first things you should do when you have organized a committee to plan a high school reunion is pick a date then secure a location right away.  I would first check their cancellation policy and make sure you can cancel in case it does not all come together like you planned…a refundable deposit is desirable.

My reunion committee has been getting together for a few months now with a big block of time where we didn’t meet and I had actually thought maybe we were not going to try it.  After the holidays everyone got serious and decided we’d better get going if we want to do it Memorial Day Weekend.  I personally didn’t think we could do and I told the girls that but the gal who is heading it up ensured me we could.

The main focus has been finding the classmates.  Not only are we looking for ours but for the classes before and after ours.  We have four people on the committee, none of whom are from the other classes.  It seems everyone wants a reunion they just don’t want to work on it….silly me volunteered because I wanted to be on the 20 year committee but was not contacted in time…..I got married and they couldn’t find me right off.

So months have gone by and we picked a day but nothing was put in stone. Finally last week I said I will look into the location and that I had an envelope from the photographer that did the 20 so I’ll secure a photographer as well. We had a couple of the hotels in mind.  First was the one where we had our other reunion.  It was a great location, they did a great job, plus they have a nice bar that we could do our meet and greet the night before.  The second choice was a big new Embassy Suites downtown. Will probably be pricey but we were going to look into it.  I guess we must have thought these were are choices and we’d chose from them………….well Monday I called both and they are both booked.  Not only are they booked Memorial Day weekend but Labor Day as well.  I’ve contacted a few other locations but haven’t heard anything.  The Space and Rocket Center has a great place to hold a reunion too and they are checking on those dates for me and I should know this week but I’m not holding my breath.  I’m a little nervous about them anyways….especially the way this reunion is going.  Their deposit of $500 is non-refundable and I would be afraid we’d be stuck if for some reason this doesn’t happen……and we truly only have $250 seed money that we are not yet able to get to because no one can get ahold of the treasurer…blah blah blah…..

As far as the photographer…I’ve been through 5 that I know do the kind of stuff we wanted…all are either booked or otherwise unavailable.

We’re having another meeting next week but I’m afraid we’re going to have to pick a weekend that doesn’t have a holiday if we ant to get a facility and photographer. It doesn’t really matter if we locate every member of our graduating class….if we can’t find a place for the reunion!

Planning a reunion is very frustrating!  LOL