We went to bed early last night.  I’ve been so tired lately and am in bad need of a “sick day”.  Right before bed my husband finally talked a little about the “dog” when I told him I’ve not been able to drive down that street yet.  We’ve not talked about since it happened.  The street where it happen was right down from the daycare so when I pick little boy up I just go the opposite direction.  I know in time I will be able to go that way but right now it’s still fresh in my mind.  My husband did say he felt bad it happened and described the little dog.  He said the little thing looked right at him the split second my husband saw him and there was no time to react.  I think if it had been me and he looked at me before he got hit I would have to be medicated.

It didn’t do us any good to go to bed early though.  We were awakened at 3:30 this morning with the sounds of Tornado Warning Sirens.  Thankfully we have one close enough for us to hear.  We both popped up and I turned on the TV immediately.  Thankfully the worst of it went either south or north of us.  It’s funny that I was dreaming our roof was leaking when the siren went off……it wasn’t even raining yet.  I hope that’s not a sign.  I stayed awake long enough to make sure it wasn’t headed towards my mom who lives south of us then I went back to sleep…..6:00 comes early when you’ve been awakened earlier.  Little boy slept right through the sirens and the storm that came a little while later.    Our weather today is a just cool and cloudy……so much for those 70 degree days….back to winter.