It’s a little hard to “limit” the activities of 8 month old kittens after having surgery.  The day after Bubba’s “castration” he wanted in the backyard sooooo bad.  We’ve had a couple of days of pretty mild weather which gave us the perfect opportunity this weekend to get outside and pick up the branches we lost during a recent wind and rain storm.  I let the big cats go into the back yard but locked the kittens on the screen porch.  Besides the fact that they were not suppose to be running and jumping right after their surgery, I still had not rigged something up so they could not climb up the trees near the privacy fence.  But Bubba was determined to be in the back yard….everytime I turned around there he was running across the yard.  It didn’t take long for Dixie to escape as well.

The screen door on the porch “DID” have a pet door but when I got Rusty the dog…he thought he could go through it….big dog, little door…and the door came out.  What was left was a big hole in the screen.  We have not replaced the door yet and for now had a big plastic tub lid covering the hole and then big plastic tub pressed against it.  Somehow Bubba was able to move the lid and get out and then sometimes if one of the big cats was on the porch they would sit on the tub and just open the screen door..letting the kittens out.

I finally gave up and let them be out there a little while but then put them in the garage and didn’t let them back nto porch until I was able to secure it.  I know they want to be outside but they don’t need to be right now.

The big cats enjoyed the mild day but then I noticed Ernie…the big fat one was piled up on the couch.  I made him go back outside.  It was too nice a day..he’s so lazy.

We did get all the limbs picked up and chopped up and hauled to the street which I was really glad of.  I’m hoping this summer to really work on the back yard and make it a nice place to hang out.  The dogs are contained now so we should be able to enjoy being out there.

Later that evening, while inside the kittens were still fairly active although Dixie was unable to jump up on the counter (which she isn’t suppose to anyways) but Bubba was still running and jumping and playing with his mouse.  They both slept with us last night and were glad to be home.  Thankfully they may have still be suffering the aftermath of their surgeries because they actually didn’t wake us up at the crack of dawn.