Today is my regular off day and I had emailed my husband eariler in the week and mentioned maybe he could take off today and we could go get some materials needed for our remodeling jobs.  He never replied back.  He tells me last night he took the day off…okay…ruined what my alternate plans were but okay…..

This morning, after I took my two kittens to the vet to be “fixed”, we took little boy to daycare and decided to run to Cracker Barrel for a nice breakfast.  I’ve got my cell phone in my pocket in case the vet calls….When we get back to the house I totally freak because I can’t find my phone.  I’m like a crazy person.  It’s not just the phone but it has all my numbers on it and pictures etc…..the thought of someone having it made me crazy.  So before my husband even knows what happen I’m out the front door in my car and driving down the parkway back to Cracker Barrel because I’m sure it fell out of my pocket as I was getting into the vehicle.  So I go speeding down the access road of the main parkway (yes I was going faster than I should) and I see this old lady pull out and instead of in to the outside line that was clear …she pulled all the way over into my lane in frant of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just like my previous wreck!!!!  What’s with me and old ladies!?  Thankfully there was no one coming down the lane that merges onto the parkway and I was able to bearly miss her and get over…….My heart is racing so fast and I’m shaking by the time I get to Cracker Barrel.  I pull up to the place where we’d parked…no phone.  I go inside and ask the ladies at the register is someone turned one in…nope.  So I come back home.  I’m still upset and shaken from the near-miss and the loss of my cell phone.  I start calling my number and cussing to myself that “leave it to me to lose my cell phone and the person who finds it doesn’t have the courtesy to try and contact me immediately…blah blah blah.  I ask my husband what I should do and he says cancel the phone…of course he denies he said this 15 minutes later.  I don’t cancel but decide to give the people a chance.  I had errands to run so I headed out to look in my car one more time then just get on with my day.

I look in my car…I look on my person, I look in my purse…..then I look in a zipped up pocket in my purse and low and ahold……my cell phone……………….what ever possessed me to put it in there after I took it out of my pocket? I’m embarrassed….

I call husband from the cell phone at first pretending to be someone who’d found it.  I could kinda tell he thought it might be me by his tone then I told him how goofy I was.

My whole morning was ruined so I went shopping instead of running my other errand………………