I can’t stop thinking about it……

To the owners of that poor little black dog we ran over today…… I am so sorry it happened and that we just kept going after it did.  I kept telling my husband we have to stop but he said there is nothing that we could do.  Your dog and another dog came running out of no where onto that busy street and there wasn’t time to react.  I only saw it from the passenger’s perspective but it’s like he ran right at us.  I’m still haunted by the feeling of actually driving over him (not an easy thing to say or hear) and I mourn your loss very deeply.  If my own little dog had been in a similar situation I would have been crushed…especially if the person who did it did not at least stop.  I cried when we got home.  My husband regrets us not stopping and he feels really bad.  I am so sorry……….my heart is aching for you.

I hear so many times people talking about seeing an animal hit and the sorry person who didn’t even stop to see if it was okay and to become one of those people today is very painful for me being the animal lover I am.  Even if you know you killed the animal you should at least stop and maybe try and locate the owner.  These dogs (I don’t know what happened the the other one) were someone’s pet and most likely loved.  A dog that is usually contained can get away from a person in an instant and get into the road.  It’s not your fault if you didn’t see it but have respect and stop.  We regret not stopping, we regret going down that street when we did……..it was a bad day….

I am sorry……..and I wish you could know this……………….