I had a doctors appt this morning.  It was a follow-up to check my blood pressure etc.  I stepped onto the scale in the office and much to my dismay………..yep….still fat.  It was a few pounds more than what my scale at home said so I wasn’t really surprised that I’m still fat because I knew I was.

Since we’ve started back planning our high school reunion the reality of what my weight is and where I want it to be for the reunion really set in.  I would be content with a 20 pound loss by the time the reunion rolled around….that’s reasonable for 3 1/2 months.  I’m not obese but I’m knocking at the door….

So next week, a co-worker and I are going to start walking and I also bought myself some slimfast since I decided I’m too cheap to buy into any diet plan like Nutrisystems or the Revival Diet I read about in my First magazine……I’ll pay alot for certain things but when I KNOW I will not stick to it…..I’m cheap.

Slimfast helped me before as well as having several small low-cal meals during the day.  We’ll see how it goes….