An un-eventful day at daycare thankfully…no one turned their crib over…no one got bit……all was well.  I picked up are “tax” info from daycare today too.  I will go in calculate the amount we paid for daycare myself since frankly I don’t trust her accounting and she may have factored in two non-paying vacations instead on one.  Now I know why she had a big note on her door “DO NOT DISTURB unless an Emergency”…..she was working on the tax info.  What a day for her very own son to bite a fellow toddler!  Ha!

I had a Reunion Planning meeting today with three ladies from my graduating class.  It’s funny how we seem to hash over the same things every meeting yet we still don’t have a venue, a DJ, food picked out, door prizes, a good MIA list or anything else.  We tentatively have this thing planned for May 24th which doesn’t leave us much time. 

I volunteered to check out three hotels and see if they can accommodate us and possibly going ahead and booking a space as long as they don’t charge to cancel.  I also volunteered to look into a photographer and person to do the programs, I’m doing a website and I’m making a “SAVE THE DATE” postcard which if my trial version of Microsoft Publisher will hurry up and download I can edit what I created at work this afternoon….wow that’s a lot of stuff.  I didn’t know how to tell the Chairperson to NOT send me a list people to call and get addresses for because frankly I hate making “cold calls” and I think I have enough on my plate……I wouldn’t mind emailing folks since I can do that from work but calling in the evenings is too much.