Yesterday when I picked little boy up form school his daycare teacher asked me if Garrett was in a crib at home.  Me not knowing where she was going with that question said yes he’s still in a crib.  We’ve been talking about a big boy bed but figured we’d wait till he’s two.  Which we have been talking about since little boy sleeps really well on our bed but the problem is…when he wakes up he is free to roam…..not always good.

Then she tells me why she asked….evidently that day during nap time a couple of them were standing up in their cribs and rattling them and picking on each other.  The next thing the teachers heard was someone crying and there was little boy laying in the floor and had turned his crib over.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.  I knew those cribs were not the sturdiest and are fairly cheapy but had no idea one little boy could turn it over.  I told her his crib at home is really sturdy and maybe he does that same thing (rattling and pulling on the rails) but since its sturdy it has never been a problem.

Now I’m going to be worried about his nap-time at school.  I mean he could have really been hurt.  I think today they are going to separate him and the little girl that were doing that (obviously they think that will help) so we’ll see what happens.  I’m thinking maybe it’s time to take him out of the crib for nap-time and put him on his mat.