I’ve been obsessed with the computer lately.  Little boy went to bed fairly early tonight but instead of working on my scrapbook projects I’m consumed with things on the computer.  I mean I’ve been at a computer all day..why do I do it at home as well?

I got a call tonight and our plans to work on my 25 year High School Reunion are back on.  We had met a few times late last year but seems our “volunteers” had narrowed down to 4 and less so I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Then the holidays came around and nothing else was said or done.  The gal heading up the Reunion had had some computer issues around the holidays and is now dealing with a her grandmother close to dying so pretty much the reunion had been put on back burner..which I don’t blame her.  Life can screw up everything actually but hey that’s life…right?

Anyways we meet Wednesday night (glad she didn’t say Thursday because I’d just have to tell her that I can’t come since Thursday is the two hour season premiere of LOST!)  This evening I’ve been printing up the “SAVE THE DATE” postcards and updating our website.  Since I love blogging and creating blog  and/or websites I really wanted us to do another one besides the yahoogroups that we did last time.  We are using Classreports.com so there are no pop up ads etc which I liked.

And of course I’ve had to visit the Mommy Bulletin Board I frequent and of course pop on to the blogs I read and now I’ll probably do some on-line searching for play-sets for little boy.

I will save my scrapbook for Friday since the only thing I have planned for that day is taking the kittens to the vet to be fixed. Let’s hope my scrapbook creative juices are flowing then.  It never fails…when I get free time….I’m not always “feeling” it.