Why are there no websites that show pictures of people with fat faces or double chins and what hair styles look best on them?  I mean I know there is only so much you can do with that but still there are certain hair styles that flatter these problem areas….surely.

All I can find are tips about round faces….very few pictures.  The tips say to have the hair around the face cut to not fall right at where the double chins start so you can draw the attention up from the chin.

I found no pictures of women with chins……..I did find a virtual makeover on ivillage.com and was able to upload my own image but the hairstyles were limited.  I may have found a style I like and a color though.

My hair is fairly short (about 2 inches past my ears) so I can either go real short or just shape up what I have.  My hair is fine too so I need a style that works with fine hair AND my cow-licks in the back.

The other thing about finding styles for round faces is that it may look one way when you look at the person head on but when you turn to the side and the double chins are more prominent….the hair looks totally different.

My hair appt is next Thursday. I will post a before and after photo and hope it looks better after the cut and color.  Then maybe some other poor double chin gal can at least see a picture…..LOL

What to really do about the chins?  Lose weight may be the only thing unless I opt for surgery.  I still may need surgery even if I do lose weight……because it may be skin that needs to be tucked and not just fat.