After receiving a picture of myself via email that was taken at our monthly luncheon a few weeks ago…..I had some serious issues with myself.  Photos taken when you are not looking are the worse kind but still…..I struggle with trying to dress/look professional but frankly it is hard sometimes especially if you’re a little over weight.  And it’s hard to spend any time on yourself when you are #1 Dealing with a small child #2 Anal about being late for work………..So some days I’m pretty much thrown together.

First thing I noticed about the photo I got was my chest…..LOL.  I’m a small boned person and have very narrow shoulders and skinny arms.  I’ve always referred to myself as Mrs. Potato Head…..larger body with tooth picks sticking out for my arms and legs.  Anyways, this big chest of mine seemed very obvious with those narrow shoulders and skinny arms but not in a good way…..a little droopy….  Next thing I noticed was my chin fat…..but nothing will help that until I lose weight and maybe not even then.  My hair was also very droopy and in bad need for a cut and color.  I’ve been in limbo about my hair because I’m trying to find a new stylist with no luck….but I better get on that.  Also I was very very pale and it looked like I had no make-up….Obvious self esteem issues going on here huh?

So yesterday I decided to run to the mall after my foot doctor appt and get a better bra and some make-up (since I was about out)

I walk into the mall after a long day at work and a doc appt and walk up to the Prescriptives counter at one of the department stores.  This really perky red head walks up to me (didn’t seem like she worked there) and asked what brings me to Prescriptives today.  I told her I was out of base and that magic lotion.  She says okay but then said….”would you have time to get your color done today?”  I looked at my clock and said sure.  It was a little after 3 and I didn’t have to pick up little boy till 5 so why not.  She takes me upstairs where they have tables set up like a little make-up party.  She takes off my make-up and proceeds with the spill on the cleansers, the moisturizers, the bases, the eyes, the lips, the bronzers etc………I’m fully made up.  Of course she tells me I look great and how I look ten years younger………LOL  Well of course I’m going to buy this crap if someone tells me that…………It’s like she knew how I was feeling…………droopy and old…..I was sold…

I ended up not only buying the base and under coat I came for but….a cleanser, a moisturizer, bronzer, eye line, eye shadow (two), lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss and a compact.  I had said I wanted the brushes too but the sales lady (a lady other than the make-up girl) forgot that.

I did like the make up.  I’ve been wearing their base for while now but it’s so expensive.  Imagine my surprise when I get my full-load make-up bill that was almost as much as my car payment…..LOL  Oh well I look ten years younger…………That’s got to be worth it.  My husband’s always saying when he gets home from work “Where is your make-up?” because by the end of the day it is gone…..

Actually I think my make-up did look better this morning as I tried to remember everything she taught me.  Now I just have to get this hair cut and colored.

I never did get to get a new bra since the whole make-up trip lasted till almost 5.  It was fun though and I can always go back and get a bra this weekend.

Oh and…..husband didn’t notice my new make-up…….oh well.  I liked it.  He’s not going to like my hair I’m sure and he will notice it…….I thinking of going darker/richer……..we’ll see….:-)