This has been an tiring and emotional day for me in several aspects.  I got an email from my mom today to tell me that her/our dog Babs is now completely blind.  I brought these two puppies to my mom’s house about 6 years ago.  A co-worker had found them on her front porch and her husband was about to take them to the pound which was why I intervened. We were unsuccessful in finding them homes so I took them to my mom’s.  We thought they might be Sharpei-mix but as they got older it was more evident that they were at least part pit bull. My mom named them Muffy and Babs.  Muffy and Babs soon became know as the “Junk-Yard dogs” because of the way they would scrap/fight with each other.  Never lasted long and no one seemed to really get hurt.  They lived happily in the dog yard with Liz who mothered them and they never tried to fight her…just themselves.  Liz passed away last year from cancer and the fighting might have gotten worse then. 

A couple of weeks ago my mom said the junk yards got into a big fight and Babs was drooping around and she thought maybe she was blind in one eye.  She saw no physical wounds just a listless dog who wouldn’t even take a treat.  At one point she thought Babs was about to die and she struggled with whether to take her to the vet.  Finally Bab’s started to perk up but was still obviously blinded…whether from a fight or something else.  But then they got into another fight my mom said and now she believe Babs in blind in both eyes.  My mom removed Babs from the pen (which she regrets she didn’t do earlier but we thought Muffy was comforting Babs during her illness…which I truly believe she was). 

We are really torn up about it.  My husband said “why doesn’t you mom just have her put to sleep?” and I’m like noooo.  Do people put animals to sleep because they are blind?  Do we know if she is permanently blind?

I’m not sure what my mom plans to do.  It’s very upsetting and sad.  On top of all this…Mickey, the stray dog whose been hanging around since xmas and my mom had almost decided to keep….has disappeared and we don’t know if something has happened to him or he just went on home.  I guess with watching two bitches trying to kill each other….who would blame him?