When you and your husband need a night out….who do YOU get to babysit the kids?

Husband and I are desperate for a night out just the two of us.  In the past we’ve asked his mother and she’s done it both at her house and ours.  I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve asked her and although she acts like she doesn’t mind….I get the sense that she gets tired of babysitting (she keeps two little boys all week) plus the other siblings make comments like she might babysit more for us (which is so not true…3-4 times in almost 2 years).  We have brother and sister-in-laws in town but they are all so busy with their own kids that I don’t feel comfortable asking them.  And then of course there are my issues that I have with some of them.  One has a swimming pool that is not covered or fenced in and I can never forget the summer several years ago when she watching someone else’s kid and ran to the store leaving her 8 year old in charge then the toddler went out the front door and down the street.  There is the other family who are living in an apartment and their cleanliness is questionable…and well…..she’s crazy.  The other family I would feel good about but they live at the farther edge of town and it would be very inconvenient.  Even the mother in law lives on a busy road which worries me too because she is old and little boy is fast…I don’t worry so much if it’s dark when we drop him off or really cold but when it’s not I do worry.  How can enjoy myself out when I think about my baby running out in the road (it’s busy all the time..constant traffic)

My mom lives in the next town and it’s a 30 minute drive not to mention she’s legally blind and doesn’t feel comfortable keeping him by herself for very long periods at a time and my sister lives at the lower end of the state so no reliable help from my family either.

My mom said when we were little she used a babysitting service every once in awhile.  I looked in the phone book and there is only one in town.  They require a $75 membership fee then you get on-call babysitters anytime for $11 an hour (minimum 4 hour).  But then I get to worrying about all the things you hear on the news about bad babysitters…..especially if one comes to your house.  They are suppose to be screened but still….

In our neighborhood newsletter a little high school girl has advertised she wants to babysit and is Red Cross Certified…….this might be an option but I still tend to worry.  It would be great if she’s in the neighborhood near by (parents near by).

 Do I worry too much?  I mean this is MY BABY!  The person I leave my baby with is a very important decision not to mention the person I allow in my home alone for several hours.  It’s not like little boy can tell me if they’ve been through my closet…LOL

Any suggestions?