Do you know how many different decisions you have to make when remodeling and/or redecorating?  There are a hundred decisions to make and a thousand choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my impending kitchen and bath remodels coming up I’ve got home improvement and decorating fever.  I have a wild hair to paint my bedroom since I don’t like the shade of green on the wall but that might have to wait….but until then I want new night stands and lamps…..and a bedspread.  We are currently using my husband’s bedroom suite he had as a teenager…..someday we’ll get something new but this is fine for now.  Our king size bed is a black iron bed which I love.  My side of the bed has a round table with a green scarf over it and my husband’s side is the nightstand that goes with his set…….this of course looks odd and not to mention his side table is shorter (since the bed is high).  I have it in my head to get black night stands but I don’t want to spend a lot of money…..but want something nice…is that possible? Lamps will take more thinking…not sure what I want.  I did buy a bedspread at Bed Bath and Beyond which will help me feel good about that room until I can get the other things.

I went to Lowe’s today mostly because I wanted to find a shower curtain that would inspire me regarding colors to paint my bathrooms.  I have no clue what I want….there are so many choices…..Unfortunately Lowe’s didn’t have any shower curtains and the other stores I went to didn’t have anything that hit me…..yesterday I saw a couple at Walmart that I really liked and I was sure I’d find something comparable or better elsewhere (since I hate to give Walmart any more of my money than I have to) but I’m afraid I just may have to get the ones at Walmart.  The one that caught my eye the most was a lime green and pale green paisley.  I know it sounds ugly but it was very fresh looking and had me thinking maybe for the hall bath to go light and fresh and go more traditional/classic/dark in the master bath.  I was thinking a pale mint or yellow on the wall would compliment the curtain.  We are not replacing the vanity in the hall bath and at first I was going to strip then stain but now I’m thinking paint it a clean white.  With new faucet and cabinet handles I think that would make a lovely update.  Of course I need to wait till they replace the tub before I start painting AND I’m still stripping wallpaper in there but at least I’m making headway on some decisions.

While I was at Lowe’s I looked around at tiles, tubs, and vanity choices…..I was so overwhelmed especially over there at the tiles…..I have NO IDEA what to pick.  Maybe when I can get my husband or my brother in law to tell me exactly how much we need I can just go make a decision and stick with it.  The tub is also a big decision.  We are buying a tub (to replace the walk in shower) for the master bath and tiling around it.  The hall bath has an insert right now and at first I was thinking just replace it….but I can’t seem to find the size tub I want with the inserts.  I guess I need to find out from brother in law the cost of tiling versus insert and go from there….of course that means another decision in picking tiles for that bathroom!

Oh well…with all this home improvement window shopping and the work I’m doing today as far as laundry and cleaning…I’m tired.  There isn’t much going on besides that.  I got the day off while husband had to work and we sent little boy to daycare.  I should be relaxing….but that’s not me. 🙂