I wish I carried my camera around my neck so I could capture more moments in our lives.  The moments that make us smile no matter how we feel or the moments that make us laugh out loud.  Some things happen so fast and by the time we run and get the camera it’s too late.

Last night little boy, husband and myself were all sitting on the bed watching TV.  These days little boy loves for me to put a little hand lotion on his hands and he’ll rub his hands together.  Sometimes he’ll give me/or pretend to give me some lotion too by rubbing my arm or back or hair (LOL).  He gets the biggest kick out of lotion dispensing.  As we were all sitting there, Bubba (the cat) came into the room and jumped up on the bed and was trying to get attention.  He laid down beside little boy.  Next thing I knew little boy was putting a little lotion on his hands (not much comes out because he hasn’t mastered it yet….dread that day) and was rubbing lotion all over Bubba with both hands.  He did this a couple of times. 

I reached over and petted Bubba and sure enough…he had lotion all over him.  Boy had gotten enough out to give Bubba a good lotioning-down.  I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.  I don’t know why I thought that was so funny but I did.  I guess Bubba’s fur was dry and needed lotion…………..LOL

I wish I had gotten a picture or video of that…………….