Good news is my daycare administrator did not give me any problems fixing my accounting…so I was glad about that. 

Bad news is….my week has not gotten any better really.  Believe me I try not to be a person that always complains  and I usually have a pretty good attitude but I’ll tell you this week is not getting much better.

I decided to take my car in to get the oil changed this morning.  The “Maintenance” Light has been on since before xmas because it was due for an oil change at 10K miles and I was tired of looking at it.  So I get to the Toyota place around 7:35 and they tell me it could take an hour or hour and a half.  At first I was going to call a co-worker to come pick me up but when I looked at my watch I realized I probably wouldn’t catch them PLUS I realized my AT&T phone has blocked me again from making outgoing calls (or getting them for that matter).  It did this once before and I thought maybe little boy had pressed a button but this time I knew no one had touched it.  So I can’t call anyone.

So I walk back out and tell the lady I’m going to have to wait on the car.  I wait in the waiting room for awhile.  It was pretty crowded.  People can be so rude.  This one lady had her laptop and was playing some video she go on an email and it was very loud……and the TV was on in there so that made it doubly loud…then there was these two old men talking very loudly like no one else was there….Okay I’ll admit I was hungry so my tolerence wasn’t very high for annoyance.

I wait and I wait then I get up to go to the restroom….then I wait and I wait and several people have been notified their cars are finished.  I’m starting to get concerned because they are expecting me in the office plus I had a lunch appt……..AND I can’t call anyone……….AND I can’t find a courteous phone…..

Around 10:00, I get up to see if I can find a phone then I see the lady I dealt with when I first came in and I ask her about my car because by this time I see my car parked in the back parking lot….so I think either it’s done or work has not begun.

She said she came into the waiting room and I wasn’t there so she called my office and left me a message. <silence>

When I get back to work (after I went to lunch….because I’m starving) I see that I got a call from the Toyota place at 8:35 am…… hour and a half earlier than I actually got my car………..I sat there for an hour and a half extra because I had to pee…………………………..

As for my cell phone, before I ate lunch we stopped by the store and they fixed it and told me if it happens again it is more than likely a phone issue and I should contact the warranty department…oh great…..

Don’t worry my day got a tad bit better when I got a call from my cabinet contractor…..

I’m going to come back and try again tomorrow.  Hopefully my week will get better by mid-week at least…..One would hope so anyways.  I’d hate to write more woes……That gets boring after a while. 🙂